Monday, January 23, 2012

recruiting so far- 145 applications

We have started our interview process. I will not interview every person that applies, because some of the applications are poorly written, do not have enough information to warrant an interview, or their reference forms are not completed.

By May 1st, I will receive well over 400 applications for 40 positions. I will only conduct about 110 interviews.

Each application will be reviewed for spelling and grammar. If you have typos, grammar/spelling issues, or incorrect capitalization on your application, I count these mistakes as a failure to complete the application correctly. In other words, be very careful and check your application for errors. Some applicants don't capitalize proper nouns (like a person's name) - this is a red flag for me. Those applications with gross errors are never interviewed.

We conduct two (phone or personal) interviews and request a writing sample. If offered a position, we conduct an FBI background check, drug screen and physical. If you do not pass the FBI/TBI background check and drug screen then you are not eligible for our corps.

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