Tuesday, December 6, 2011

CAC AmeriCorps -- recruiting 2012-13

(Above picture) James Moses is being recognized by Knoxville City Councilman Chris Woodhull on his service of weatherizing over 250 homes in 2009. After his service, James was a staff member with CAC's Housing and Rehabilitation Department. James is now doing great things in Asheville, NC.
We will start accepting CAC AmeriCorps applications on https://my.americorps.gov on December 28, 2011. The process of recruitment, application screening, 2 phone interviews and final decisions is time sensitive. The positions will be filled by May 1, 2012 for a start date in August 13, 2012. The most coveted positions (eg. Beardsley Community Farm) are filled by March 15th.
Our corps serves 40 hours per week- Monday - Friday for 10.5 months.

We have 40 positions at several different organizations and our members do direct environmental service, teaching, capacity building, and public relations. Some of our sites are physically demanding. Some of our sites need specific computer/teaching/public relations skills.

To the menu to the right (on this blog) we will have service descriptions for most of the positions. If it is not listed- just contact me at john.harris@knoxcac.org