Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Teams are nearly complete!

Daniel Scott and Kat Perry at Kyle's Ford Retreat Center.

Knoxville Recycling Coalition:
Pamela Bishir has BA in Political Science from Texas State, she is originally from Plano, Texas. Pamela has tons of community service experience and we are glad to have her on board at KRC!

Knox County Solid Waste:
Kevin Levy has his BA in Urban Studies from the Univ. of Pennsylvania. Kevin has led many community service events and has a keen interest in solid waste, sustainability and food systems.

UT Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment (ISSE):
Elizabeth Moniz is a graduate of Boston University and has her BA in Italian Studies. Elizabeth is interested in sustainability-- especially how it relates to the "slow food" movement.

Ijams Nature Center Naturalist:
Jen Teagarden has her BS in Wildlife Ecology from Univ of Florida. Jen has experience working with groups and has an extensive science background.

Keep Knoxville Beautiful:
Nikida Koraly has her BA in Journalism from UNC. Nikida has been involved in planning several service events at North Carolina. She has a great heart for service and is going to do great things at KKB!

we appreciate you guys!